What is an Airstream App?

Airstream Apps are our very own smart systems. These pre-programmed applications are individually tweaked to produce optimum savings and to suit each client's specific needs.

Through our day-to-day work as energy consultants, we found a consistently increasing need for a new category of programs. This new demand we were constantly facing was not being met, which forced us to create Airstream Free Energy; a series of custom software programs that we have found a niche market for. With no other feasible options available on the market, we began to custom design and supply Airstream systems to meet our client's full energy saving needs.

Airstream Free Energy systems are developed with the highest precision for our valued clients and we formed this conceptual idea as ethical consultants. Our concept was never brought into place for the sake of sales and mass production, but to allow us to properly serve our clients by offering them the full range of energy saving measures they require to achieve the best possible results for their buildings. We provide true engineered numbers and in doing so, save the environment and reduce costs and consumption for all our clients.

Each and every one of our signature Apps will be custom made for your existing or newly installed equipment. We at Airstream are only satisfied when you are realizing the maximum energy savings.