Demand Ventilation - Airstream 9000 System

According to ASHRAE standards, only the minimum amount of fresh air is brought into buildings as required by law to maintain peoples health. This is why conventional systems operate constantly to draw in this basic amount of outdoor air. In the winter months, the cold outdoor air that is brought in needs to be heated, while the hot air drawn in during the summer months requires cooling. We consider this to be an expensive and unnecessary waste of energy and money. Demand ventilation systems regulate the amount of outside air that is brought in, which in turn reduces the amount of air that needs to be heated or cooled. This significantly reduces operating costs and your building's energy consumption.

It is ideal for all buildings, but in particular schools, retail spaces, auditoriums and courtrooms where the density of people within the space differs so much throughout the day; they may be heavily crowded at one point and empty later on. Airstream demand ventilation will have a powerful impact on such buildings and can be added to new structures as well as existing buildings that don't have ventilation systems. When adding this system to a building with fans, Airstream will come on board and control the existing fans. Common applications are old buildings with steam and / or hot water heating, shops with infrared/gas heating as well as storage facilities and factories. Airstream helps save energy.