Free Refrigiration - Airstream 9200 System

The Airstream controller is a complete refrigeration system control. The system utilizes demand ventilation with CO2 control and uses the cool outside air to maintain the temperature within the cooler. It only uses the condensing units and evaporators when necessary as a back-up. This results in increased savings, reduced equipment wear, and an overall more efficient refrigeration system.

You can achieve up to 50% Energy Savings by:

- Free Cooling
- Evaporator Control
- Destratification
- Defrost Control
- Night Set Back
- Anti Sweat Control
- Demand Ventilation

A visual, audible and remote alarm comes with the Airstream System to indicate when the temperature is too high or too low. The controller can even send out a remote notification through the BACnet or an  Internet connection. It is common with for 2-compressor cooling systems to only use the second compressor when there is a heavy cooling load. Over time, this will leave one compressor heavily used and the other almost new. The Airstream system allows both compressors to be used evenly. It forces them to take turns as the lead compressor for any programmed period, which allows for even wear and results in an extended life for your equipment.