Airstream Free Energy Cooling Elements

What will your Airstream Free Energy system do for you?

Free Cooling = 30% to 50% Savings:
Depending on your location, Free Cooling is within your reach! The further north you're situated the more opportunity you have to maximize your energy savings. In Central N.Y. State and Ontario, Free Cooling can be available for up to 150 equivalent days per year! The Demand Ventilation control measures the temperature of the incoming air and determines whether that air is cool enough to maintain the temperature set-point of your cooler. Then the Ventilation Control goes into override and continues operating in order to maintain the cooler temperature, essentially Free Cooling your cooler!

Evaporator Fan Control = Year Round Savings:
Traditionally, the evaporator fans in a conventional compressor system run 24/7. The fans always remain on to circulate the air while the compressor is running. Many of these operational fans use 10 times more electricity to circulate the air than the much more efficient Airstream Destratification Fans. With the Airstream system, your evaporator fans are automatically turned off when the compressor isn't running, then the 36 watt Airstream Destratification Fans are switched on.

On-Demand Evaporator Defrost = Year Round Savings:
The Airstream system uses temperature sensors in the evaporator coil to determine when to start and end the defrost cycle. The controller can also be custom programmed to schedule defrost times. Each evaporator circuit can be defrosted individually!

Door Heater Control = Year Round Savings:
Reach-in door heaters usually run 24/7 to prevent condensation from developing on your glass doors. The Airstream system switches them off when the relative humidity is low, saving you up to 80% annually.

Nighttime Warm-up = Year Round Savings:
If your walk-in cooler does not contain perishables, the Airstream system can be set up to allow the temperature to rise slightly during non-operating hours. This will save you additional energy costs on an annual basis!

Alarm Warning:
A visual, audible and remote alarm comes with each Airstream system to signal to you if the temperature becomes too high or low. While the visual and audible alarms are on site, a remote notification can be sent as well via BACnet or internet connection.

Lead/Lag Compressor Control:
With most 2 compressor cooling systems, the second compressor is only used when there is a heavy cooling load. Over time, this will leave one compressor heavily used and the other almost new. The Airstream System uses both compressors evenly, allowing them to take turns as the lead compressor for any programmed period. This promotes even wear and substantially extends the life of your equipment!

Custom Systems:
Do you have 3 compressors? Do you want to control your cooler lights, as well as a freezer and cooler? Not to worry! The Airstream system can be customized to cater to your specific needs. Any or all combinations of control aspects can be merged to maximize your energy savings.

The Airstream system with its demand ventilation and free cooling program meets the ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation requirements for walk-in coolers; cycling the adequate amount of fresh air for staff and customers. The Airstream system supplies 100% fresh air in the winter months and is programmed to bring in the minimum fresh air requirements during the summer. The CO2 sensors call for ventilation, as required with a system override based on the temperature of the outside air. If the incoming air is too warm once the ASHRAE requirements are met, the back-up refrigeration system will be called on by the Airstream 9100. The fresh air is brought inside the Airstream filter boxes by the intake fans and sent through the dampers into the cooler. Subsequently, air is exhausted through Airstream exhaust fans and dampers to the outside. The Filter boxes, fans and dampers are all available in many sizes from 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12", to custom sizes that may be required for various ventilation and cooling loads.