We value & enjoy serving our clients!

We are proud to be working with one of the world's largest buyers and retailers of alcoholic beverages. We have for years been installing our Airstream Free Energy systems into not only many of their existing stores, but into all of the new locations being built. This Ontario government enterprise consists of more than 623 retail stores, catalogues and special order services and offers nearly 19,000 products annually to consumers and licensed establishments.

Airstream is working with a chain of convenience stores that has served Canadians since 1961 - in hundreds of communities throughout Ontario and Western Canada. We are proud to be providing substantial savings to our clients by introducing our Airstream Controls for Reach-in door heaters. Their original systems usually run 24/7 to prevent condensation from developing on the glass doors, but Airstream switches them off when the relative humidity is low. This can save such clients up to 80% annually!

We have many other clients across North America and are excited to announce that we have opened our Scandinavian offices! Our head office is located in Finland, serving Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. We are constantly expanding and look forward to having loyal clients all over Europe as well as North America!